I came across more secret hoardings on the outskirts of Dublin. This time promising me blue skies and yellow fields. I was intrigued. Was this real?

Other people just walked by as if it wasn’t there. Maybe it was a mirage. I was out on a stretch of motorway called the N7 near the place of the Red Cow. A mysterious crossroads that has been changing shape and direction for many years now so I was ready for anything.

Then I noticed a transparent building, this must be powerful magic or science or something.

A magician walked by and gave the building form. I knew he was a sorcerer from his funny shoes and purple robes.

And after he had passed by the building returned to bones. I ran after him and he told me to go beyond the hoarding into the ‘field’ and I would find the building…

and I did and it was beautiful. Undulating ribs of oxidized iron with perfect squares as doors! Even better than the dream.

And inside a portrait of me! What a magician!!!

The Red Cow is truly a mysterious zone.

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  1. What a fantastic collection!
    I don’t think many people expect photos like that when googleing for N7 or Red Cow roundabout – very nice 😉

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