This is not an April Fool joke…

The first Sunday of every month was traditionally a day for the Smithfield Horse Fair in Dublin city.

Recently the authorities have banned the Horse Fair.

Today, as I was strolling through Smithfield, I saw a horse and three policemen attempting to have sex in public.

What is the world coming to?

Killer Falling Skulls

A ‘new’ threat had appeared on the streets of our fair city.

People were shocked and aghast at what they were being told.

A mysterious evil do-er from Far Away was held up as the author of these atrocities.

Even in our sleep we were not safe, we were told, as our minds could not be trusted.

Reality was no longer really real!

Across the Land people were so confused, they held their heads.

It was hoped a mighty warrior might come out of the blue and vanquish our foe.

But that old story had been doing the rounds for years.

It was still even hoped that a pointy thing might have an answer?

The wise old man of the sea said, ” It’s all delusion”

The fashion guru on the monorail said, “It’s all illusion”

And Granny said” it’s only stencil graffiti and can’t really hurt anyone…

How come people are so gullible?!!?”


I came across more secret hoardings on the outskirts of Dublin. This time promising me blue skies and yellow fields. I was intrigued. Was this real?

Other people just walked by as if it wasn’t there. Maybe it was a mirage. I was out on a stretch of motorway called the N7 near the place of the Red Cow. A mysterious crossroads that has been changing shape and direction for many years now so I was ready for anything.

Then I noticed a transparent building, this must be powerful magic or science or something.

A magician walked by and gave the building form. I knew he was a sorcerer from his funny shoes and purple robes.

And after he had passed by the building returned to bones. I ran after him and he told me to go beyond the hoarding into the ‘field’ and I would find the building…

and I did and it was beautiful. Undulating ribs of oxidized iron with perfect squares as doors! Even better than the dream.

And inside a portrait of me! What a magician!!!

The Red Cow is truly a mysterious zone.