Killer Falling Skulls

A ‘new’ threat had appeared on the streets of our fair city.

People were shocked and aghast at what they were being told.

A mysterious evil do-er from Far Away was held up as the author of these atrocities.

Even in our sleep we were not safe, we were told, as our minds could not be trusted.

Reality was no longer really real!

Across the Land people were so confused, they held their heads.

It was hoped a mighty warrior might come out of the blue and vanquish our foe.

But that old story had been doing the rounds for years.

It was still even hoped that a pointy thing might have an answer?

The wise old man of the sea said, ” It’s all delusion”

The fashion guru on the monorail said, “It’s all illusion”

And Granny said” it’s only stencil graffiti and can’t really hurt anyone…

How come people are so gullible?!!?”